Welcome!  My name is Courtney Pruette.  Film DNA Studios and The Digital Film School were created to first, educated and inspire other budding photographers, cinematographers, and filmmakers.  Secondly, to have a place to showcase future film projects.

I began photography during my grade school years with a Canon AE-1 that my father handed down.  That camera would inspire me into a newfound hobby of outdoor and nature photography.  Years later, being able to afford a video camera, I purchased a Sony TRV-20 miniDV camera, which opened up the world of filmmaking.  Later I would begin doing wedding short films with a Sony Z1U HD miniDV camera.  I later would do event filming with a camera much smaller, a GoPro HD cam.

Photography and cinematography is just half of my background.  I also started playing guitar at age 14, and eventually taught guitar and music theory privately.


lumix gh5 on doly
canon lens with blue light

Now, I wish to share my years of photography, cinematography, music, directing, and editing experience with you, the beginning and budding filmmaker.  It is my hope that you gain a very broad knowledge of filmmaking from lighting and shooting a scene, to writing scripts, editing, music, and producing the final product through the episodes presented on the Film DNA Studios YouTube channel.

Please visit the YouTube channel and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode, and connect with me on social media to keep in touch.  My social links are below.  If you're a filmmaker now is the time to start making your film.  There's not been a better time to do so.  Just stay positive and keeping working at it.  Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.

Thank you, and please stay in touch on YouTube and social media.

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